Get the "Behind Closed Doors" Secret Skills of History's Most Powerful and Deadly Warriors - the Ninja - and Make them YOURS in 2021!

The SHINOBI SKILLS 15-DVD home study course

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Secrets of the Shadow Warriors
  • TRANSFORM into a Force To Be Reckoned With
  • Command RESPECT Everywhere You Go
  • Tear Attackers Apart with Blinding Speed & Power
  • Harness The Power of Your Mind
  • Discover Self-Healing
  • Gain Amazing Strength and Unnatural Abilities
  • Hide in Plain Sight
  • And Do The Impossible
    (what appears to others as "Magic")

Finally Revealed! Literally Gives You Over
“125 Easy-to-Learn Secret Skills that are Ready-To-Use”

You Will Learn How To Run Up Walls

You Will Learn Ninjutsu Mind Control Secrets and the
7 Doorways of Mind Penetration

You Will Learn The Vicious “Vagabond Bushi”
Fighting Secrets

You Will Discover The Inner Sanctuary of the Ninja
and Self-Healing

You Will Learn To Influence Your Opponent Energetically So He Will FEAR You!

You Will Learn The Ancient Rituals For Victory and Life Dominance

You Will Learn The Iron Body and Iron Mind Secrets of Invicibility

You Will Learn “Cloaking”, “Disappearance”,
and How To Read The Intentions of Others

You Will Learn How To See Into The Future

You will Learn How To Survive and Thrive Against
Impossible Odds… Just Like The Ninja Did!


Dear Friend,

You are about to discover the most powerful tools for personal transformation and self defense ever developed.


But first, I must warn you…

WARNING #1: This may not be for you. If you’re a “style loyalist” clinging to your karate pajamas, or if you’re cynical, negative, or an irresponsible person you are forbidden to have these materials.

WARNING #2: If you are a criminal, pervert, egomaniac or interested in harming others, you are forbidden to have these materials and must read no further.

Knowing this can make you DANGEROUS.

You see, Knowledge is Power, and having these secrets can make you dangerous to your enemies, the so-called “competition”, attackers and criminals, and to anything holding you back in life.

For years, you have have about “The Ninja”, “Ninjutsu”, “Shadow Warriors” and “Shinobi”

Maybe you’ve seen them in chop-suey flicks or modern Hollywood movies and your interest was sparked with this question:

“Could there REALLY be such warriors with amazing powers and skills?

Do they really exist?

If it really exists, could I learn it, or is it all just a myth?”

Well here’s great news my friend: it is not a myth. It really does exist, and now is your opportunity to learn it in the easiest and best way possible.

Martial Artist visionary and author Scott Bolan first revolutionized the Martial Arts and Self-Development worlds with his bestselling Martial Mastery course. It bridged the gap between the Samurai and other Ancient Warriors and modern-day Warriors with practical “how-to” and effective applications for amazing results in life.

Now Scott has done it again, and this time even BETTER!

This time, he unlocks the mystery surrounding the Shinobi, also known as “Shadow Warriors” and “Ninja”, giving you their actual practices, success rituals, strategies, techniques and tactics, and their modern-day applications to overcoming challenges and obstacles and living victoriously.

You Also Get The Actual Mental, Physical and Weapon “Rogue Fighting Techniques” They Used To Defeat Armed and Trained Samurai and Win In The Face of Immenent DEATH!



And that’s not all! In this all-new training course that no one has anywhere else, you will discover…

3 Combat Disappearance Techniques

What Ninja REALLY is.. and is not! (this will Shock many, and offend the prideful and ignorant)

Ninpo Taijutsu Training

“Dirty” improvised weapons using modern everyday items

Ninja-Ryu Techniques for Self-Healing

The Art of Stealth Revealed!

Manifestation Powers

The Ancient 18 Skills and Their Secret Applications

The “Modern 12” Secret Skills that only a handful of people know (YOU will be one of them)

New Techniques to “Stand Out” for a tactical purpose – to get a raise at work, make the sale, or attract that person of your dreams (so they come to you!)

How to “Blend In” Anywhere to go unnoticed when needed to accomplish your outcome or pass through danger safely

How to conduct “Mental Warfare” and Invade An Attacker’s Mind from afar

How To Follow, Stalk, and Gather Intelligence Undetected
(WARNING: Use only for lawful purposes. Void where prohibited by law.)

Shadow Warrior Self-Protection: for deflecting attacks from other Shinobi who are informed of dark
  martial arts and unfair skills (they exist and it would be stupid not to know these safety measures)

In-Depth: The Ninpo Kuji-in 9 Hand Seals (Your Personal Achievement Sanctuary) NEW!

How To Weaken Your Opponent, or Gain Instant Rapport and Insight, With a Single Glance

How To Tell If Someone is Trustworthy (the importance of this is immeasurable!)

Control Your Pain and Fear and Use It As a Weapon Against Your Attacker

The 7 Secret Laws of Life Extension

Were the Ninja Immortal? What is their Secret of Immortality? (you will never look at life the same way again after you learn this)

The Ninjutsu Worldview and the 4 pillars of power

How To Get Backstage at a Rock Concert and get invited into celebrities world’s
(without having to pay)… this one is super-fun and friggin’ EASY!

The Shinobi Secret of non-aging

The Diamond Mind

Ancient and modern Shinobi Weapons (this one will surprise you)

The Secret of Personal and Natural Harmony and how it relates to Grand Ultimate Power

The Art of Shapeshifting and Disguise

Unusual and unique powerful Ninjutsu physical training sets that empower you in amazing ways

… and that’s only the beginning! Listen…

These are all-new teachings combining Ancient Wisdom with Modern Application for Real Results in Today’s World!
If you know how powerful Scott Bolan’s materials are,
rest assured you have never seen anything like this

It is Definitive, and may even trump Martial Mastery and Mental Warfare Secrets as Scott’s most powerful body of work!

Consider this, my friend: The Ninja survived and thrived in an age of constant upheaval, government oppression, prejudice, invasion of privacy, societal disorder, cultural decline and chaos.

Sound familiar?

The dates on the calendar may change, but human nature does not.

Let’s face it: it is vitally important that you know how to survive and thrive under any regime change, and regardless of whichever way the tides of society may turn.

If you’re honest with your self and look around you, you know the times are only getting worse. That’s why getting the success secrets of the most powerful warriors of history is one of the smartest things you can do for your self right now.

As a Warrior, you know that it is your responsibility and higher calling to empower and enlighten your self in the most effective and efficient way possible. To protect and extend your life and be a positive force for good, you must be authentically powerful in mind, body, and spirit.

There is simply no other way.

Self-Mastery is POWER.

Bruce Lee often used the term “Economy of Motion.” It means “nearest weapon to the nearest target”, or, basically, doing things as powerfully and simply as possible to escape “the classical mess” most of the masses are in.

By “hacking away at the unessentials” and “striking the root”, Bruce Lee removed complications from his application of Martial Arts to all of life. That’s how he was able to accomplish so much in his short life span.

As a lifelong Jeet Kune Do practitioner and Instructor, Scott Bolan has applied this same principle in his teaching methods in order to give you the most efficient, practical and easy way to learn Ninjutsu.

It’s “no-nonsense” and non-guru based, so you are not “under” anyone. Instead, you are empowered and liberated as an individual universal warrior, with skills you will acquire for your self (Bruce Lee and Albert Einstein both said “all learning is self learning” – words of wisdom from two of the wisest men that ever lived.)

By learning this way, you share a connection in spirit to all great warriors.

This is one of the most liberating and empowering things you will ever experience, and priceless knowledge that can serve you your entire life.

This is your invitation to step on to the Shinobi Path of Power and learn these skills for your self.

I’m going to tell you just a little bit more about what’s in the Shinobi Skills: Secrets of the Shadow Warriors home study program, you’ll also learn…

The 5 Hidden Master-Keys of Personal Peak Performance

How To Influence Others Using Breathing Techniques

Take Over Any “Social Circle” and have them eating out of your hand

Live Long and Strong the way YOU want (this is what “Freedom” really is)

Energetic Rapport so even your enemies “like” you and want to please you

An Inner Technique for Sensing Danger and Opportunity in Advance… so you seize the moment every time (no more “I wish I woulda, coulda..”)

And… you’ll LOVE this… have you ever heard “you only have one chance to make a first impression”?

It’s absolute BULLS@#T!

With Shinobi Skills, you can “reverse the tables” on anyone – no matter how much they think they know about you.


With the “Shinobi Black Mirror” Technique, people who used to look down on you will be bewildered and find themselves seeking your respect and approval.

Even your boss, coworker, mother-in-law or ex-girlfriend!

I’ve seen it first-hand and I can tell you, it’s absolutely amazing!

Listen. For years, we’ve been getting email and feedback from Scott Bolan’s students, telling us how they used what they learned to ….

… “get out of a traffic ticket”

… “earn as much money as a doctor”

… “get a raise at work”

… “get the promotion they wanted”

… “get cast in movies”

… “thwart energy vampires”

… “stop manipulators”

… “catch liars”

… “win fights”

… “find their soulmate”

… “easily close big-dollar deals”

… “have more fun than they ever dreamed of”

I could take 50 pages just to outline the highlights of feedback like this that comes in, and that’s just from Scott’s older work.

Just imagine how much more powerful this NEW material is.

It’s the “Nuclear Bomb” of personal development courses that will have you jumping for joy and feeling a lasting personal peace and confidence. Now you can…

Radiate Confidence and Power Wherever You Go,
and Know “What To Do” In Any Situation

I have to admit, it’s FUN being an inner-warrior bad-ass and living like a Warrior King…

It’s FUN having secret skills that no one else knows,
to make life your personal playground

I admit, it does make some people JEALOUS. But with the “Shinobi Cloaking Technique”, you can hide your skills from those whom you don’t want to know you have them…

… especially when you’re coming in to “take over the situation” and get the goodies, the girls, and all the glory…. the “spoils of war”!

I must warn you though: if you lack Honor, this will backfire.

There is a Warrior’s Code the ancient ones built into these tactics, and if your intentions are evil, you will lose. It’s just the natural order of things, like gravity, or the “wet” that comes with the water.

But when you have Honor and Personal Integrity with the “Shadow” Skills – you get Amazing Results that will stun and confuse your enemies and confound your friends by making your victory look EASY!

And it really is easy to learn. All you have to do is pop the DVDs – I recommend one a day, or at a pace that is comfortable for you. Watch it privately so you won’t be distracted by other people. Take notes, do the drills and then go out and notice the difference!

That feeling is as real as it gets, and if you’ve ever had it before you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you are about experience a personal transformation! You will look back on today as the “turning point” where you stepped on to the Shinobi Path to Power.


The SHINOBI SKILLS 15-DVD home study course will be the most valued treasure in your knowledge and tactics arsenal.

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These Scrolls are a literal Encyclopedia of Shadow Warrior knowledge and skills that would normally sell for 995.00, and only to people who pass a background check.

If you’re one of Scott’s newsletter subscribers we know you’re probably one of “the good guys”

By ordering this material you agree to the Terms of Use on this website, and you confirm the following: 1) You are an Adult. 2) You are Mentally Sane. 3) You are Not a Criminal. 4) You will Not Harm Others. 5) You will Only Use This Information For Lawful Purposes. 6) You will Keep This Information Confidential.

My friend I have given you as much information as I am allowed. Order Now. Once you do, you can sit back and relax knowing you are about to to change your game as a Warrior to the highest levels with hidden master-keys to get what you want out of life.